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Exodus 18:15-27

Moses is a great Bible character to study! There are so many lessons to learn from his life and walk with God. I believe in this chapter, we learn an important lesson about how to lead people….effectively!! Chances are, in some aspect of your life you lead people—now, our goal should be to do that as effectively and Biblically as we can!

I see five ways that Moses can help us in this endeavor:

1. A Call to Planning -v.15-17

  • Sometimes leaders get so “tunneled vision” that they fail to look and see the reality of what their life and/or decisions are causing to those that follow them!!
  • We need to have regularly scheduled times when we just take a look at the “big picture” and plan to fix the things that aren't working and improve the things that are!

2. A Call to Organizing -v.21

  • We know that God is a God of order and design and likes things done “decently and in order”.
  • As leaders, we should be the same!
  • Don't just dream about what could/should be done—plan and organize so it DOES get done!
  • Preachers and leaders in God's work should be known as being organized people that have the plan from God and are working to implement it!

3. A Call to Leading -v.24

  • This is key, even after “being corrected” by Jethro, Moses “saw the need and took the lead”!
  • Leaders must be pro-active and do whatever is needed to get the ministry of our Savior going full steam ahead for the glory of God!
  • A key point to learn as well is that we must be willing to take correction/advice from those that the Lord puts in our path—never become to arrogant to be teachable!
  • Remember: “if no one is following your leadership, you are just taking a lonely walk in front of everyone”.

4. A Call to Evaluating -v.25-26

  • Moses looked for those that could help him get the job done.
  • One thing that I have seen many pastors/church planters be week in is in the area of delegating and getting other qualified helpers in the work force. Often times it seems easier for us to just do it ourself, but we must learn to evaluate those under our sphere of influence and teach/mentor them so they can take the burden of many tasks off our shoulders.

5. A Call to Prioritizing -v.26

  • I see at the end that Moses actually let the men do their job….thus enabling him to do his job better!
  • Simply put, this is effective time management!
  • Leaders must learn and continue to grow in the area of being wise stewards of the time that God has given to them on this earth. Whether you use an “old fashioned” pen and day timer — or you go more “high tech” with smartphones | tablets | and computers….you need to master a system that works to manage your daily tasks, keep your ideas and vision from God “actionable”, and help keep your mind free from trying to remember all those things so you can actually get in touch with God and meditate on His Word!

We all know that “the ministry is all about people”….but if that is true, then we need to learn to be effective leaders of people-God's heritage!



I love God and I love America!

We know that the Bible says in Proverbs 21:1; “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.“. We also know that it is God’s people humbling themselves before Him and praying that moves the hand of God (2Chronicles 7:14).

I believe America is still able to see REVIVAL and AWAKENING if God’s people will get busy really living and devoting their life to Him and His church!

Below are five things I believe that all believers can and should do for America!

1) Prayer is needed in government.

I Timothy 2:1-2 • Proverbs 21:1

2) Patriotism is needed in government

Psalm 137:5

• I believe in flag waving, teary eyed, heart-thumping patriotism.

• Patriotism: “Love of one’s country; the passion which aims to serve one’s country, either in defending it from invasion, or protecting its rights and maintaining its laws and institutions in vigor and purity. Patriotism is the characteristic of a good citizen, the noblest passion that animates a man in the character of a citizen.”  (Webster 1828)
• I can’t understand these entertainers and even Congressmen who go to Europe or they go to the Middle East and they stand there on foreign soil and criticize the policies of their government. • If you think that is a better place than America, then just don’t come back.

3) Preaching is needed in government

• Nathan preached to David and told him about his sin.

• Elijah preached to Ahab and told him about troubled Israel.

• Eliza spoke to King Jehosaphat

• Daniel preached to Nebuchadnezzar

• Moses preached to Pharaoh.

4) Participation is needed in government

• We need to vote and register others to vote.

• We need to vote our moral values, not our political party.

• We need to vote our moral values and not our pocketbook.

• We need to vote our moral values and our biblical principles not our personal likes.

5) Piety is needed in government

I Timothy 2:2 We need holiness in our country.

• Daniel Webster said, “whatever makes good Christians, makes good citizens.” 

• It is not a matter of right or left, it is a matter of right or wrong.

• And the standard is the Word of God.


I know that everyone today is “busy”, and has much to do every day. As a Pastor, church planter, father, and husband there are many things that are always needing to be done, competing for my undivided attention, and cluttering up my mind! I believe that one of the greatest weaknesses I have seen with those in “ministry” is the lack of setting the proper tools in place so that we can be as productive and stress-free as possible!  Many just want to “remember” what needs done or they jot ideas/tasks down on the closest thing to them (napkin, corner of paper, hand, etc…). I believe that if we as leaders would learn to be more organized in the way we handle and prioritize our life—it would help us and our ministries out greatly!

While I know that there are many ways and ideas for how to manage your list of “to-do’s”, I’d like to share with you one program that has helped me out more than anything else—it’s called “NOZBE“. (I know weird name, but great software.)

The thing we need to understand is that we ALL have lists, to-do’s, and projects in our life….what we need is a cross-platform, easy, powerful way to consolidate all of those items into ONE place so nothing gets overlooked and our minds can rest from trying to “remember” everything.

Allow me to just quickly list out some reasons why you should look into adopting this software into your church and personal life!

  • It is truly available anywhere. (From Mac, PC, iOS, Android, and truly any web-enabled device)
  • It syncs seamlessly. (You input on your Mac—when your on the go, it’s there on your phone as well and vice-versa.)
  • It offeres “team delegation”. (You can easily manage things at church with your staff or volunteers. You can delegate tasks, follow comment threads, insert files, and track how everyone is doing at accomplishing the project. {Example: I have a lady that takes care of making sure all supplies for cleaning the church are available—when she needs items, she adds it to our shared project and then whenever I am at a store, all I have to do is look at the list and the items needed are right there!} It can be used for simple ‘lists’ or complex projects being worked on at the church or at home!)
  • Customer support is great! (Email, twitter, or facebook….they will get back with you!)
  • They offer training videos! (This is a huge asset! Watch them here, and learn how to better use the software!)
  • It syncs with my other “Go To” apps!

Whether you have a large church with a lot of full time paid staff, or you just have people that volunteer to assist you, Nozbe will really be a huge help to being more productive and getting more done for the cause of Christ!

Ephesians 5:16

“Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”


Here in Maine, Summer is getting officially under way (I know for other areas, this is old news)! With the starting of this wonderful season of BBQ’s – family outings – vacations – fun – and a host of other activities, let us all be reminded of some helpful guidelines from God to make this Summer season a great success!


1. Draw closer to the Lord. —James 4:8

Many times during the Summer, people tend to forget all about the Lord, His work, and His church! Don’t let that happen to you! Use these summer months as an opportunity to get closer to the Lord than ever before!

2. Stay engaged in your local church! —1Corinthians 16:15

Please remember: even though your life might change with a lot of extra-curricular activities during the summer, your church still has a charge from the Lord to go forward and your church needs your consistant/dependable involvement! 

3. Be a witness in all things you do! —Acts 1:8

The Lord did not give you this Summer season to “take a vacation from Him”! Stay after souls! Why not make a commitment with yourself— commit to praying and working hard to win at least one person to Christ during these Summer months!

4. Continue to support the work of God. —Malachi 3:10

Don’t forget: just because you are taking a vacation from your “normal activities/duties”, your church is not! As a matter of fact, the Summer time is usually one of the more expensive seasons of ministry with all the different outreach endeavors! If you are away from church over a Sunday, leave your tithe with the secretary and have them put it in for you while you are away! (That’s a lot better than trying to ‘make up’ when you get back!! Many times it is forgotten and your church is hurt.)

5. Enjoy time as family! —Ephesians 6 & Proverbs 31

It is vital that you spend some time of enjoyment with your family! These do not have to be big and expensive trips. It might just be that after you go out witnessing with your church on a Saturday morning that you take that afternoon to go do something fun and make wonderful memories! Be creative and build up your family this Summer!

6. Engage people in your circle(s) of influence. —Acts 8

I am amazed at how many people the Lord actually puts in our paths on a daily basis! This Summer, take every opportunity with the people that the Lord has placed under your influence and point them toward Heaven! This really has more to do with our mindset than on God “providing a door”—He already has, you just have to live every day with the mindset of influencing people for Christ!

7. Spend time to rest. —Matthew 11:29

Every person needs rest (not laziness), but spiritual—emotional—and physical rest! Take a few hours here, a day there to get alone with God and find His peace and rest for your life! 


8. Allow “Summer fun” to infringe upon the work of God. —1John 5:21

BBQ’s, family picnics, sports, boating, fishing, etc….are all good and fun in their proper place; and we do a lot of it during the Summer! However, please  DO NOT let any of those things keep you from the House of God or the work of God! When they do (even once or twice) they have superseded God in your life and thus, have become “an idol”! We need Bible Believing Baptists to actually start living out in a daily/practical way the things that they “say” they believe!

9. Allow the world to dictate your apparel. —1Timothy 2:9

The summer has just started here in Maine, and already I am appalled at how much “skin” I am seeing! Christians: just because the temperatures go up, doesn’t mean clothes have to come off!  Ladies, please keep yourself covered and modest…not showing or accentuating anything from your shoulders down to your knees! Men, same goes for you….and don’t look like you just stepped out of bed and forgot to look in the mirror! The world says dress should accentuate “you” — Let’s dress to honor and please the Lord! 

10. Loose your heart for God! —Ecclesiastes 2:10-11

I have seen so many Christians allow things of this world to start creeping in to their life and thus diminishing their very heart for God! Let’s not let that happen to us this Summer! Purposefully and intentionally structure your life to keep and grow your heart for God! In reality, this is the most important!

I love the Summer time! I hope you do as well! Let’s make this Summer one that is full of fun and family…..but also one of building our faith!


Charles Spurgeon: “If I had never joined a church till I had found one that was perfect, I should never have joined one at all. And the moment I did join it, if I had found one, I should have spoiled it, for it would not have been a perfect church after I had become a member of it. Still, imperfect as it is, it is the dearest place on earth to us.”

Amen to that! CHURCH is the greatest place on earth! If you are not a member of a Bible believing Baptist Church—I urge you to find one and get involved….after all, this is God’s plan for the reaching the world!

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