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There is a difference between being busy and being productive, and scheduling priorities is what makes the difference!  I believe many Christians are running around with more to do than ever, but still not fully accomplishing what God would want them to.  We must learn the important character trait of being wise stewards of the time that God has given to us.  Below is a simple outline that has helped me keep “on task” and not let Satan defeat me or the ministry through time-wasting!

Ephesians 5:16-17  [16]  Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. [17]  Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is .

I. Determine Priorities:

(These are mine-yours may differ slightly!)

A. Walk with God

B. Marriage/Family

C. Preaching

D. Pastoring

E. Equipping/Encouraging

II. Develop Calendar:

A. Keep a notes file of things that come to your mind

-(Put the big rocks in your glass before you fill it with sand!)

B. Weekly, go through the notes and determine what needs to be added to your calendar

C. Be sure that your “priorities” are being accomplished through the developing of the calendar

-(Opportunity doesn’t equal obligation.)

III. Discipline Weekly Schedule:

A. Force yourself to maintain and keep your schedule

B. Be flexible to distractions or disruptions in your schedule

C. Take an inventory of your priorities every night and see if they were accomplished

Tomorrow, as a church, we get the priviledge of going and helping distribute information for the new church in Bridgton! It is such a blessing to be involved in helping start new churches! Maine (and the world) is in such need for gospel preaching churches! We can play an important role in letting people know about this new church. Here are some ways that we can be involved in this church plant, as well as others.

We can go and work. This is possibly the biggest thing we can do physically speaking! People can’t come if they don’t know about the church! We must be willing to put aside other activities and carve out the time to work for these new churches!

We can pray. We must never belittle the power of prayer in church planting. We are fighting against the forces of Satan when starting churches-we must have God’s strength! Pray for the the new Pastor and his family, the community, and for people to come and be saved! There is nothing more discouraging for a new church than to have nobody or only one person show up for services-it is awkward for everyone! Pray that the Pastor is never alone for a service.

We can give. We must make the financial sacrifice needed to start churches. The days of saying “I’ll pray for you as you go-hope all goes well” are over. People need to see that we are committed to doing all things with excellency in this new church! As you well know, it takes money to accomplish this! Be willing to sacrificially give to meet the needs of the new church-God will bless you as you do!

Finally, we can be excited about it! We know the local New Testament church that preaches Christ is the answer for our hurting world. Let’s show to everyone (especially the new Pastor) how excited we are for the working of God through and in this new church!

I am looking forward to supporting NHBC tomorrow and the countless churches we will help start in the future!

1Kgs12:8 Rehoboam found council he wanted to listen to & so can we. We must get it from the “older/mature” Christians, not one in our shoes!

2Sam23:12 Our church today needs people that will STAND & FIGHT against those that try to take away our Godly heritage-let’s defend it!

2Sam22:22 Lets all commit to not depart from the ways of the Lord; but rather, keep His ways and walk in righteousness and cleanness daily!

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