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The third day of our trip to the Bronx was very profitable. We started out by handing out tracts for several hours and were able to accomplish a great deal. We found several good contacts for the Pastor to follow up on-we are praying for much fruit! We were able to door knock a good section of homes that is only about 10 minutes away from the church; it was exciting to meet people that just might be a foundational part of this new church!

After visitation, we headed back to the church building and and helped set up for Sunday. We were able to get everything in order for the service-it was wonderful to help with such “hands on” areas of the ministry!

We had a few hours before we needed to be ready for the mid weak service, so we went to the Bronx Zoo (it’s free on Wed!). We had a great time and walked ourselves to death!

We worshipped with Faith Baptist Church in the Queens and enjoyed meeting the people. I was able to to meet a national Pastor from Liberia, Africa. He is starting a radio and TV station back in Liberia and wants us to send CDs of our messages to him so they can be used through their media ministry! We are so glad to be able to have a part in helping churches world-wide!

We are looking forward to one more day in NY city before heading back home!

The Lord truly blessed on our second day here in the Bronx. We had a great day passing out tracts in the neighborhoods around the church. Even though it was hot, everyone did a great job and worked hard.

We then spent the afternoon working in the church. We cleaned the facilities and steam cleaned the floor and chairs. We had an enjoyable time helping to get the building in excellent condition!

In the evening, we went into “the city” and saw Ground Zero. It was wonderful! On the way home we stopped at a Mexican restaurant and had dinner-the food was great!

Keep praying for us, we want to be a blessing to this new work! Enjoy the photos!

The lord blessed our trip from ME to NY City yesterday! We are getting ready to head into the Bronx to work with Pastor Ken Baker today! Excited about serving God here this week! Please be praying for our missions team this week!

Below are some pictures of our group and where we are staying (Faith Baptist Church in the Queens)!

Well, the summer is officially here!  With all the fun, excitement, and activities of the summer, we must never forget that the summer time can be a dangerous time for Christians if we are not careful.  There is a tendency to be tempted to “take a vacation” from God and local church ministry.  We must guard against this and let the summer time be not only be a time of rest and recuperation, but also one of commitment and dedication to ones church and Savior.  Here are some helpful tips to keep your life going forward for Christ during the summer months!

  • REST-DON’T QUIT! We all need time to rest and take vacation from the daily monotony of life. While this is an important thing to do, it is often tempting to use a “time of rest” as an excuse to not have to serve and work for the Lord.  As a Pastor, I encourage people to take time and rest-it helps to refocus.  Take the family on a vacation and enjoy time making memories together, but do this with the goal of being able to get right back into your ministry at church.  The summer months are sometimes the hardest months for a church to keep going forward just because it is often hard to find enough people that will be willing to serve and do the work of the ministry.  Dis-engage from your normal schedule and get the rest needed; then re-engage in your ministry with renewed vigor and vitality.  Also, be willing to jump in and do extra to pick up the slack for those that might be out-of-town during a specific Sunday-don’t make the church staff pick up all the extra work!
  • COMMUNICATE! One of the most devastating thing for church leaders is to not know who is going to be around to work, sing, and witness during a given service.  It is vital that you communicate with those you work with and let them know when you will be out-of-town or unavailable.  If you have a ministry in your church (and everyone should!) don’t let if suffer during the summer! If you are away and can’t perform your task, find someone (upon approval of your pastor) to replace yourself for the needed time.
  • BE A GOOD STEWARD! In all the business and planning for the summer activities and outings, don’t forget that your first priority is still to God through your local church.  When you are away, don’t forget to either give your tithe/missions money ahead of time, or double up when you get back.  Don’t forget that just because you are away doesn’t mean you don’t have to tithe! Your church still has the same bills even if you aren’t there, so be faithful in your giving this summer!
  • KEEP A PURE TESTIMONY! Yes, even in the summer we should maintain a high level of personal holiness and separation from the world.  Let me encourage you in two areas: 1) Stay modest in ALL activities.  Don’t fall into the trap of having to drop your standards for certain activities-you should be modest at all times! For some reason people think that when the temperature gets hot, the cloths can come off!! I submit to you that God’s standard does not change based on the thermometer!  From a modest neck-line to the bottom of the knee should always be covered on both men and women!  Look like a Christian all the time!  2) Don’t act/dress differently when you get away from your home area/church.  Satan wants us to lead a “double life” if he can.  The world sees right through the type of Christianity that does one thing when one person is around and a different thing when another person is around.  We are tempted to live “looser” when not at home or around our church leadership, but we don’t have to fall prey to this trap of Satan.  Don’t live an hypocritical life-be who God has called you to be everywhere and at all times.

I pray that the Lord gives you a great summer!

As a church, we are embarking upon a revival meeting.  While this is an exciting time and one that is looked forward to with much anticipation, we must endeavor to make the most of these meetings and see ourselves desire to get closer to Christ.  Here are some things to ponder over the next several days…

STAY HUMBLE: (2Chron7:14) Humility has been described as “a deep sense of ones unworthiness in the sight of God”. We must keep in mind that God wants us to approach Him with humility. We must stay away from the desire to think that we are “all set” and our life is “ok” with God. While it is good to know that we are living in the will of God, it is imperative to understand that there is always room to grow and improve in our walk with Him. Pride will keep us from trying to do more and will deceive us into thinking that there is nothing else we need to do in our walk with God.  If we want true revival in our life, we must humbly seek Him realizing He wants us to be changed into His image! God will resist us if we are proud, but will give us the grace to make the needed changes if we are humble!

STAY PRAYERFUL: (2Chron7:14) Prayer is simply communication with God.  Not only do we need to talk to Him and deal with the issues He brings to our heart, but we must also listen to Him.  I fear that this is the one aspect of prayer that we often fail to do properly.  We are in to much of a hurry to actually listen to God.  As we seek revival, one thing that is needful is to actually spend designated time just listening for Him to speak to you.  Determine to not only tell God what you need and ask God to do things for you, but spend as much time (if not more) just listening for that still, small voice to speak to you and give you instruction!

STAY HUNGRY: (Matt5:6) One of the easiest things to do (especially for Christians that are in church all the time) is to lose your hunger for God.  It is a lack of hunger that causes us to go to church meetings and just be there because that is what we are supposed to do during revival services. Yes, it is Biblical to support the meetings of your church, but that should not be our “driving” motivator! It is so easy to just get in the habit of “doing” things for God/church and not have a spiritual hunger for God to move in your life.  If you loose your hunger, you are quickly coming to a place in your life of spiritual apathy…a very dangerous place to be! Stay hungry for God to work in your life this week at church and allow Him to do so even when you are apart from the “church”.  Make this week as special and different as you possibly can so that your hunger for Him is paramount to everything else!

I am praying that God will meet with us this week and have HIS way in our services! The manner in which you live and conduct yourself this week will have a great impact on how our revival service goes!

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