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2Kgs4:8 This women made a great impact in the man of God’s life! Ladies, be an encourager and uplifter of Godly men-You make a difference!

Work is getting done on our building-PTL! Updated pictures:

1Kgs12:8 Rehoboam found council he wanted to listen to & so can we. We must get it from the “older/mature” Christians, not one in our shoes!

2Sam23:12 Our church today needs people that will STAND & FIGHT against those that try to take away our Godly heritage-let’s defend it!

2Sam22:22 Lets all commit to not depart from the ways of the Lord; but rather, keep His ways and walk in righteousness and cleanness daily!

Praise the Lord for a wonderful day serving Him! It has been wonderful to see God work! Looking forward to working on the church building tomorrow with a man from the church!

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