Author: Pastor Jason Stoeber

Tomorrow, as a church, we get the priviledge of going and helping distribute information for the new church in Bridgton! It is such a blessing to be involved in helping start new churches! Maine (and the world) is in such need for gospel preaching churches! We can play an important role in letting people know about this new church. Here are some ways that we can be involved in this church plant, as well as others. We can go and…

1Kgs12:8 Rehoboam found council he wanted to listen to & so can we. We must get it from the “older/mature” Christians, not one in our shoes!

2Sam23:12 Our church today needs people that will STAND & FIGHT against those that try to take away our Godly heritage-let’s defend it!

2Sam22:22 Lets all commit to not depart from the ways of the Lord; but rather, keep His ways and walk in righteousness and cleanness daily!

Praise the Lord for a wonderful day serving Him! It has been wonderful to see God work! Looking forward to working on the church building tomorrow with a man from the church!

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