My enthusiasm for casting vision and developing leaders in the local church encourages Christians to be passionate about serving God. I have a heart to inspire, motivate, and communicate the Word of God to all age groups. Whether it is praying, studying, knocking on doors, preaching or maintaining the church property, I genuinely enjoy the “work of the ministry” and am optimistic about what God will do with a group of people who are hungry to do His work—His way! There is nothing dull about serving the King of Kings! God has placed the local church here “for such a time as this”. America is ripe for revival! This past March, I joined hundreds of Independent Baptist pastors and laymen in Washington, D.C. for the purpose of praying individually with our state leaders and encouraging them to follow Biblical principles. There is no time like the present to be busy about the work of God!
I have a special burden to reach out to local churches who are of like faith and practice to rally together and encourage one another, especially during these last days. In Maine, God allowed me to be involved in developing Plant and Root Maine. This resulted in many churches working together to see new churches planted and existing churches revived! God also allowed me to launch Making Mighty Men of Maine, an annual retreat for men to band together and pray, sing, fellowship, and hear motivational preaching.
What a joy and blessing it is to serve the Lord with a supportive and engaged family, and God has certainly blessed me with a wonderful family! My wife, Sally, enjoys serving alongside me in ministry. Whether it is teaching Sunday School, discipling ladies, or being involved in the church music, she loves serving the Lord. Our daughter, Sadie, was born in 2012. As a family, we enjoy serving the Lord together…both inside and outside the church walls! Our home is a place where we love to share a meal while connecting and enjoying sweet fellowship with church folks. We also count it a privilege to provide housing for summer college interns, missionaries travelling through, and many others! One of our priorities as a family is to ensure our home maintains a welcoming presence that we pray will encourage all those who enter in!