I have not put much (if any) information out on this via social media over the past couple months…but I felt it time to just briefly describe for all those that may follow me and the church planting ministry in Maine what God has been doing recently.

Simply put, the Lord has led me to take over a church in New Hampshire. Now, this was not something that I was seeking and/or even wanting…but over the past couple months—the Lord made it emphatically clear that this was His will and direction for my life and ministry.

You can read a little more on the details of how God moved me here. (this was a letter written to my preacher friends a while ago, but further explains some details)

We love Maine, the people we have invested in for over 10 years, and the church we saw planted! It is wonderful to see how God has continued to provide for WBC as well—the people just voted in a new Pastor (who is a native Mainer) and he should be taking over in a couple weeks! I am personally excited for WBC and their new Pastor…I believe God is going to take them to greater heights than I would have been able to!

The Lord has led me back to Victory Baptist Church in Londonderry, NH….the church where my church plant in Maine started! VBC was the reproducing church for us and WBC….in a way, it’s kind of like going home.  I believe the Lord is also going to do some great things at VBC….and I am humbled and excited about the Lord allowing me to be a part in His master plan!

If you contact me through a Maine (207) telephone number and/or the WBC email….that all has changed.  Please comment on this blog – or direct message me on Twitter or Facebook and I will give you my new info!

There is nothing better than following the Lord – even though at times it is difficult & we don’t understand – there is nothing sweeter than being in the center of His will! Thank you for your love and support  and we pray that will continue in the days/years to come!

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Pastor Jason Stoeber

Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church.