The Bible is unique among the books of the world. The Bible is the Word of God. As we read and study the Bible, our minds work in the same fashion as they do when reading a newspaper or another book. But with Bible reading and study, there is an added dimension to understanding the text. If you received a personal note from your president or head of state, your entire attitude toward the content of the note would be significantly different than if you were reading a newspaper. You would read and reread, stopping to savor the words. How much more so with the Word of God!

This is why John Wesley counseled that “serious and earnest prayer should be constantly used before we consult the oracles of God.” As we come to the Bible, we need to remind ourselves of Who is speaking here. Wesley went on to say that Scripture can be understood only by the Spirit who gave it. And so our attitude in approaching Scripture should be a humble desire that the Holy Spirit help us to understand the text we are reading and studying. What we gain from reading and studying the Bible is directly linked to the attitude we bring to the reading.

  • Come to the Bible expecting to grow. It is like both milk (1 Pet. 2:2) and solid food (Heb. 5:14), providing nourishment for the young and for those more mature.
  • Come to the Bible for understanding and direction. It is like a counselor (Ps. 119:24) and provides light (Ps. 119:105,130).
  • Come to the Bible for correction and purification.
    • It is like a mirror in which we see ourselves clearly and see changes we need to make.
    • It is like fire, like a hammer (Jer. 23:29), like a sword by which God performs spiritual surgery on our heart (Heb. 4:12), like water that washes and purifies (Eph. 5:26).
  • Come to the Bible for pleasure. God’s word is like honey (Pss. 19:9; 119:103).

I believe that if you come to the Bible with these attitudes and expectations, you will be changed. This is God’s multi-faceted instrument for conforming you to the image of his Son.

Spiritual Power

Pastor Jason Stoeber

Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church.