Living Wholehearted in a Halfhearted World

Mark 1:9-39

Many people in the Bible show the quality of wholeheartedness. Caleb wins the prize for being mentioned most about wholeheartedness. Next is Hezekiah, then Solomon, Noah, David, Daniel, and Nehemiah.

But keeping with the theme of Scripture, we know that Jesus is the supreme example of wholeheartedness. He never did anything halfway. He is the ultimate example of undistracted devotion in ministry. If we follow His example we will:

I. Jump Into Ministry (9-20)

Mark records no birth announcements, no manger scenes, and no wise men. For him the good news starts with John the Baptist preaching and Jesus’ jumping into ministry.

Mark believes that baptism, temptations, and calling of disciples are not signs of completion of ministry but the beginning of ministry.

What about you, what is holding you back from jumping into the work of God with both feet?

II. Storm Satan’s Gates (21-28)

The disciples must have been “struttin’ while sittin’ down.” They had been called by Jesus and perhaps feeling quite smug.

Little did they know that they would soon encounter the very jaws of hell. What could be more innocent than going to the synagogue?

The disciples watch as Jesus hushes the demon. No doubt they began to realize that they are on route to a genuine encounter with the enemy. At least life with Jesus is very exciting!

Christians need to stop living so much on the “defense” and start working with an “offensive” strategy!

III. Be Where You Are (29-34)

Jesus bloomed where He was planted. When Jesus performed miracles He gave the candidate His undivided attention.

Whether it was time for the sick, exorcising demons, or taking care of Peter’s mother-in-law Jesus really was 100% there.

Today, many Christians are more focused on what they “want to do” or what they wish they “hadn’t done” to be of any effectiveness for Christ today!

IV. Discipline Yourself in Prayer (35-39)

This is the real power behind wholeheartedness. This is the only thing that can keep us from doing ministry in the power of the flesh.

Two key words here….DISCIPLINE…..PRAYER!

If you are going to confront this culture and actually impact it and your church for Christ—it’s going to take…..DISCIPLINE……& PRAYER!

May we be passionate about giving our Lord and Savior 100% of who we are 100% of the time!


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Pastor Jason Stoeber

Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church.