Exodus 18:15-27

Moses is a great Bible character to study! There are so many lessons to learn from his life and walk with God. I believe in this chapter, we learn an important lesson about how to lead people….effectively!! Chances are, in some aspect of your life you lead people—now, our goal should be to do that as effectively and Biblically as we can!

I see five ways that Moses can help us in this endeavor:

1. A Call to Planning -v.15-17

  • Sometimes leaders get so “tunneled vision” that they fail to look and see the reality of what their life and/or decisions are causing to those that follow them!!
  • We need to have regularly scheduled times when we just take a look at the “big picture” and plan to fix the things that aren't working and improve the things that are!

2. A Call to Organizing -v.21

  • We know that God is a God of order and design and likes things done “decently and in order”.
  • As leaders, we should be the same!
  • Don't just dream about what could/should be done—plan and organize so it DOES get done!
  • Preachers and leaders in God's work should be known as being organized people that have the plan from God and are working to implement it!

3. A Call to Leading -v.24

  • This is key, even after “being corrected” by Jethro, Moses “saw the need and took the lead”!
  • Leaders must be pro-active and do whatever is needed to get the ministry of our Savior going full steam ahead for the glory of God!
  • A key point to learn as well is that we must be willing to take correction/advice from those that the Lord puts in our path—never become to arrogant to be teachable!
  • Remember: “if no one is following your leadership, you are just taking a lonely walk in front of everyone”.

4. A Call to Evaluating -v.25-26

  • Moses looked for those that could help him get the job done.
  • One thing that I have seen many pastors/church planters be week in is in the area of delegating and getting other qualified helpers in the work force. Often times it seems easier for us to just do it ourself, but we must learn to evaluate those under our sphere of influence and teach/mentor them so they can take the burden of many tasks off our shoulders.

5. A Call to Prioritizing -v.26

  • I see at the end that Moses actually let the men do their job….thus enabling him to do his job better!
  • Simply put, this is effective time management!
  • Leaders must learn and continue to grow in the area of being wise stewards of the time that God has given to them on this earth. Whether you use an “old fashioned” pen and day timer — or you go more “high tech” with smartphones | tablets | and computers….you need to master a system that works to manage your daily tasks, keep your ideas and vision from God “actionable”, and help keep your mind free from trying to remember all those things so you can actually get in touch with God and meditate on His Word!

We all know that “the ministry is all about people”….but if that is true, then we need to learn to be effective leaders of people-God's heritage!


Handling Stress as a Christian

Pastor Jason Stoeber

Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church.