I know that everyone today is “busy”, and has much to do every day. As a Pastor, church planter, father, and husband there are many things that are always needing to be done, competing for my undivided attention, and cluttering up my mind! I believe that one of the greatest weaknesses I have seen with those in “ministry” is the lack of setting the proper tools in place so that we can be as productive and stress-free as possible!  Many just want to “remember” what needs done or they jot ideas/tasks down on the closest thing to them (napkin, corner of paper, hand, etc…). I believe that if we as leaders would learn to be more organized in the way we handle and prioritize our life—it would help us and our ministries out greatly!

While I know that there are many ways and ideas for how to manage your list of “to-do’s”, I’d like to share with you one program that has helped me out more than anything else—it’s called “NOZBE“. (I know weird name, but great software.)

The thing we need to understand is that we ALL have lists, to-do’s, and projects in our life….what we need is a cross-platform, easy, powerful way to consolidate all of those items into ONE place so nothing gets overlooked and our minds can rest from trying to “remember” everything.

Allow me to just quickly list out some reasons why you should look into adopting this software into your church and personal life!

  • It is truly available anywhere. (From Mac, PC, iOS, Android, and truly any web-enabled device)
  • It syncs seamlessly. (You input on your Mac—when your on the go, it’s there on your phone as well and vice-versa.)
  • It offeres “team delegation”. (You can easily manage things at church with your staff or volunteers. You can delegate tasks, follow comment threads, insert files, and track how everyone is doing at accomplishing the project. {Example: I have a lady that takes care of making sure all supplies for cleaning the church are available—when she needs items, she adds it to our shared project and then whenever I am at a store, all I have to do is look at the list and the items needed are right there!} It can be used for simple ‘lists’ or complex projects being worked on at the church or at home!)
  • Customer support is great! (Email, twitter, or facebook….they will get back with you!)
  • They offer training videos! (This is a huge asset! Watch them here, and learn how to better use the software!)
  • It syncs with my other “Go To” apps!

Whether you have a large church with a lot of full time paid staff, or you just have people that volunteer to assist you, Nozbe will really be a huge help to being more productive and getting more done for the cause of Christ!

Ephesians 5:16

“Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”

Ten Commandments for Summer

Pastor Jason Stoeber

Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church.