Here in Maine, Summer is getting officially under way (I know for other areas, this is old news)! With the starting of this wonderful season of BBQ’s – family outings – vacations – fun – and a host of other activities, let us all be reminded of some helpful guidelines from God to make this Summer season a great success!


1. Draw closer to the Lord. —James 4:8

Many times during the Summer, people tend to forget all about the Lord, His work, and His church! Don’t let that happen to you! Use these summer months as an opportunity to get closer to the Lord than ever before!

2. Stay engaged in your local church! —1Corinthians 16:15

Please remember: even though your life might change with a lot of extra-curricular activities during the summer, your church still has a charge from the Lord to go forward and your church needs your consistant/dependable involvement! 

3. Be a witness in all things you do! —Acts 1:8

The Lord did not give you this Summer season to “take a vacation from Him”! Stay after souls! Why not make a commitment with yourself— commit to praying and working hard to win at least one person to Christ during these Summer months!

4. Continue to support the work of God. —Malachi 3:10

Don’t forget: just because you are taking a vacation from your “normal activities/duties”, your church is not! As a matter of fact, the Summer time is usually one of the more expensive seasons of ministry with all the different outreach endeavors! If you are away from church over a Sunday, leave your tithe with the secretary and have them put it in for you while you are away! (That’s a lot better than trying to ‘make up’ when you get back!! Many times it is forgotten and your church is hurt.)

5. Enjoy time as family! —Ephesians 6 & Proverbs 31

It is vital that you spend some time of enjoyment with your family! These do not have to be big and expensive trips. It might just be that after you go out witnessing with your church on a Saturday morning that you take that afternoon to go do something fun and make wonderful memories! Be creative and build up your family this Summer!

6. Engage people in your circle(s) of influence. —Acts 8

I am amazed at how many people the Lord actually puts in our paths on a daily basis! This Summer, take every opportunity with the people that the Lord has placed under your influence and point them toward Heaven! This really has more to do with our mindset than on God “providing a door”—He already has, you just have to live every day with the mindset of influencing people for Christ!

7. Spend time to rest. —Matthew 11:29

Every person needs rest (not laziness), but spiritual—emotional—and physical rest! Take a few hours here, a day there to get alone with God and find His peace and rest for your life! 


8. Allow “Summer fun” to infringe upon the work of God. —1John 5:21

BBQ’s, family picnics, sports, boating, fishing, etc….are all good and fun in their proper place; and we do a lot of it during the Summer! However, please  DO NOT let any of those things keep you from the House of God or the work of God! When they do (even once or twice) they have superseded God in your life and thus, have become “an idol”! We need Bible Believing Baptists to actually start living out in a daily/practical way the things that they “say” they believe!

9. Allow the world to dictate your apparel. —1Timothy 2:9

The summer has just started here in Maine, and already I am appalled at how much “skin” I am seeing! Christians: just because the temperatures go up, doesn’t mean clothes have to come off!  Ladies, please keep yourself covered and modest…not showing or accentuating anything from your shoulders down to your knees! Men, same goes for you….and don’t look like you just stepped out of bed and forgot to look in the mirror! The world says dress should accentuate “you” — Let’s dress to honor and please the Lord! 

10. Loose your heart for God! —Ecclesiastes 2:10-11

I have seen so many Christians allow things of this world to start creeping in to their life and thus diminishing their very heart for God! Let’s not let that happen to us this Summer! Purposefully and intentionally structure your life to keep and grow your heart for God! In reality, this is the most important!

I love the Summer time! I hope you do as well! Let’s make this Summer one that is full of fun and family…..but also one of building our faith!

Productivity in Ministry

Pastor Jason Stoeber

Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church.