Young Preachers–let ’em preach!

This past Sunday, we were privileged to have a men’s quartet from The Crown College with us….they did a wonderful job singing, but what touched my heart the most was their preaching!  We had them with us on a Sunday AM and even in the morning service, I let two of the young men preach-concluded by Bro Crichton (40 years of ministry experience) preaching!

A word to the “older” preachers:

Of course, I am not only referring to age here, but to those that have years of maturing behind the pulpit under their belt.

  • If we are not careful, we can allow an attitude of: “I am Senior Pastor, and my people need to hear what I have to say”. Now, while I am 100% for leadership and consistency behind the pulpit; let me remind us all that we are nothing except a sinner saved by grace! 
  • It is healthy and profitable to the church to allow young men with the call of God on their life to preach! I believe we should “protect our pulpits” but not “hog them”! 
  • If we don’t give them opportunity….they will be seriously handicapped as they enbark upon whatever facet of ministry the Lord is leading them into. 
  • Nursing home – teens – children – etc… all offer good experience, but let’s face it, nothing is like standing behind the “sacred desk” on a ‘normal’ church service preaching time! Allow them to learn and experience this under your guiding and mentoring hand!

A word to the “young” preachers:

  • Don’t expect it and claim it as your right to preach–be honored and humbled when your Pastor extends an immense amount of trust in you and let’s you preach! (And by the way, why not express to your preacher your love to preach and your gratefulness when allowed to preach!)
  • When you have the opportunity to preach, it’s not time to “wax eloquent” on the latest theological debate that is raging! (I truly believe that young preachers should spend most of their time developing strong ‘textual’ and/or ‘expositional’ style sermons.) Just preach the Book!
  • Allow your Pastor/mentor to critique you! Don’t be hurt and don’t be defensive….allow a mature hand to guide you as you develop your preaching skills. (and by the way, don’t ever stop trying to develop these skills)

What a great privilge to PREACH THE WORD! I trust that whether “old” or “young” you will get in the Book and let the Book get in you and then preach that Book with Holy Ghost power each and every time!

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Pastor Jason Stoeber

Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church.