One of the blessings of Wednesdays in the Word is our ability as Christians to keep on GROWING in the Lord! As we study Philippians, we find in chapter three verses 12-14 that Paul desired this growth as well!

Here are just a couple thoughts on continued spiritual growth.

The best thing we can do is do our best for Jesus Christ and keep pressing forward to be the best Christian we can be for the Lord. Our desire should be the best friend we can be to Christ and to love Him dearly. When we focus on growing spiritually, these things will develop in our lives.

There are several reasons why we must grow spiritually.

  1. It glorifies God.
  2. It provides genuine evidence we have been born again.
  3. It makes the truth of God visible to other people.
  4. It brings assurance of salvation.
  5. It protects the cause of Christ from reproach.
  6. It protects us from the suffering that comes from a backslidden life.
  7. It produces joy in our lives.
  8. It equips us for ministry to other Christians.
  9. It enhances our witness for Christ to the world.

Let's keep desiring to grow in the Lord!

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A True Missions Heat!

Pastor Jason Stoeber

Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church.