In studying for messages this Sunday about Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem—a passage that I am not using as my text has gripped my heart. Let me share some things about it.

Luke 19:41-44

As Jesus neared the city, He saw Jerusalem. He saw their future.
· He knew that within forty years, the Romans would besiege the town.
· He knew that over 30,000 Jews would be crucified as the Legions marched toward the city.
· He knew that the city would hold out for months while the people succumbed by the thousands to disease and starvation.
· He knew they would throw the bodies of the dead over the walls of Jerusalem.
· He knew that the Roman General Titus would see the pile of dead bodies lying in outside the walls of Jerusalem and that he would lift his hands toward Heaven to call God as a witness that it was not his fault and that it did not have to be this way.
· Jesus knew that the Romans would conquer the city and that the Temple and the city would be utterly demolished.
· He also knew the people would be scattered to the four winds of the earth.
· He knew all these things and more and Jesus wept over the town.

Get the image in your mind! The people are shouting and singing. They are excited and they are vocal in their excitement.

Jesus, however, is a man with a broken heart. He knows that Israel will not receive Him, John 1:11. He knows they will reject Him and crucify Him. He knows they are slated for judgment and in the midst of jubilation, Jesus weeps! That is why He is called “a man of sorrows”, Isa. 53:3.

I say all of that as sort of “introduction” to what has gripped my heart…. Have you ever wondered what Jesus sees when He looks at our town?

We see economic depression. We see people who are good hearted, but who do not care about the things of God. We see people with whom we get irritated. We see prospects for our church. We see friends, neighbors, saints and sinners. But, what does Jesus see?

Jesus sees people who are suffering. Jesus sees people who are lost. Jesus sees people who are going to Hell.

Oh, how we need to see the people of our town like Jesus sees them. When we do, we will weep over them like He wept over Jerusalem. When we weep as He wept, we will be more motivated to take the Gospel to them. How do you see the people of your town?

Let us all be more passionate and aware of the need(s) represented in our city — and through the ministry of the local New Testament church endeavor to reach it for Christ!

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Pastor Jason Stoeber

Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church.